Wee Blue Press


b. 1986, HK.

Wee Blue Press is run by printmaker Emma Jones.

After 20 years spent designing websites and managing other folks social media accounts, I became fascinated with good old fashioned printmaking. I love sketching with an actual pencil, getting covered in ink and using beautiful tools to carve images.

Having experimented with linocut printmaking and monoprinting, I bought my own press - the wee blue press - which is neat enough to fit in my small studio/office. 

Many of my designs are influenced by my interests - history, sport and my love of animals.

I live in the Scottish Borders with my husband and three kids, a smelly spaniel and a small pet frog. 

Sketching & Inspiration

My prints usually start life as a sketch.. I draw from life, from my imagination and love collecting images on Pinterest or in books. I love old fashioned posters and illustrations, particularly cycling related ones, but any will do. Victorian designers had an amazing range of fonts and ornaments which I love to adapt. I also adore children's books and book illustration and still keep books that are far too young for my kids because I can't part with them.


For my prints I use lino (Hessian backed variety available from printmaking suppliers), upon which I carve my original designs. I use a mixture of Pfeil tools and basic Japanese woodcutting tools to carve a variety of lines and shapes.

Once a design is carved, I roll ink over it with a roller. The ink sticks to the bits of lino which haven't been carved, and this is printed using my blue boy printing press. 


For my t-shirts and bags, I print using Gamblin textile ink or Caligo safewash ink. Both of these inks produce a rich, even colour on fabric.

For cards and prints, I use Caligo safewash inks, which have brilliantly rich colours and are easy to clear up (unlike oil based inks). They are a better option for anyone with a home based studio.