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Custom designed tshirts

A regular customer of mine recently asked me to design a tshirt specially for a friend of his. The friend in question is a regular cyclocross racer here in the Scottish Borders and he wanted a cyclocross image with her initials.

The request immediately kicked my brain into action - I love watching cyclocross, own a cyclocross bike which I ride through the winter but have always been too much of s coward to try a race!! Visually a cyclocross theme has some great possibilities - mud, landscape, more mud, rain - all of which I might explore at a later date. My brief here was to keep it simple and I only had a few weeks before Christmas to design and print it.

I usually start my visual research on Pinterest, google and with my stack of cycling magazines. I sketched a woman about to approach a corner and added mud and splats to make it more authentic.

This design was cut into a lino block. Once I’d tested and recut numerous times I printed into an earth positive cotton tshirt. They are lovely to work with and wear and they’re fair trade too. Here’s the finished design... 


The linocut printed cyclocross tshirt

Emma Jones