Wee Blue Press


A new woodcut print..... the process step by step

I’m often asked about my process, as there are so many ways (and indeed no right or wrong way) to print with a wood block. I’ve yet to venture into Japanese mokuhanga which involves inking the block with a brush and watercolour. I carve the wood block then ink it with a roller. The type of print will determine the ink I use. For paper it’s usually cranfield relief ink and for fabric I use gamblin tshirt ink or akua screenprinting ink. 


The sketch .... 


Tracing the sketch onto the sanded block. 


I used a roller to roll the ink onto the block for this 1st proof. I made some changes after this (very minor) 


And a print onto a fair-trade t-shirts using Akua permaset ink


A later print in deep blue, on handmade paper