Wee Blue Press


Linocut design for Etape Loch Ness bags


The Etape Loch Ness cycling event is now a popular fixture in the UK sportive calendar. I was commissioned by JBT Distribution who are one of the sponsors, to produce a design for a goodie bag that is given to all Etape finishers. The bag is a great wee all purpose gym bag and is reusable, so hopefully will be kept and used by everyone again and again.


The main image was hand printed from two large linocut blocks ( the lorry and the hills) and three stamps of cyclists. All were hand carved.  The print was scanned into photoshop where the Etape logo was added.



The image was sent to be printed onto 5000 bright green gym bags-I chose the colour because it’s very visible on the road. 

Emma Jones